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15 Feb 2017

Sean and Patti

Could you imagine spending two and a half years, all your insurance money and every ounce of your strength repairing your home only to be told it was structurally unsound and had to be demolished? Unfortunately, Sean and Patti are currently living that reality. Their property was substantially damaged when four feet of storm water rushed into their home during Superstorm Sandy. On top of that, Sean’s place of employment, a small local business, was also destroyed in the storm. This left the family without their main source of income and forced them to live solely off their savings. Luckily, Patti and Sean qualified for the LMI RREM grant allotted them $150,000 but the cost of the rebuild vastly exceeded that amount. After borrowing funds from family and friends, Sean and Patti are $40,000 away from being able to build a safe home for their family.

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15 Feb 2017


Our client, “Amanda” has had not one but two fraudulent contractors in the last four years. Their deceit cheated her out of nearly $60,000 and the delay in her recovery has cost her $107,660.00 in rent. Currently, she’s working with a non-profit builder who will help her obtain a C/O so she can return home and save the rental expense. In order to complete her recovery, Amanda needs $5,800 to afford rent and furniture.

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16 Jul 2016


“Lorraine”, her husband and their five children have been forced to move nine times since being displaced by Superstorm Sandy. To make matters worse, a fraudulent contractor stole $60,000 dollars of their RREM grant. He has since been charged and imprisoned but it took them a full year to be reimbursed through NJ RREM fraud policy. OCLTRG has assisted this family with rent and monthly expenses to help ease their massive financial strain.

Currently, we are seeking funding for two objectives: 1) to complete extensive mold remediation, a direct result of the house sitting unfinished for the past year, and 2) financial assistance to enable their young children to participate in summer and extracurricular activities. We estimate that another $11,200 will make this family whole again.

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06 Jul 2016


Peggy, a single mother of three school-aged children, hired a contractor to repair their family home in Keansburg, NJ. Unfortunately, that contractor only completed a portion of the work he was paid for before vanishing. One of our non-profit partners, the St. Bernard’s Project, would like to finish the work but can’t get started due to the original contractor’s poor workmanship. Now there are several concerns about the structure’s safety and Peggy needs approximately $5,000 to pay for a structural engineer’s report. This report will determine the scope of work needed for SBP.  The construction project will cost no less than $10,000 and could exceed that based on the engineer’s findings. The OCLTRG hopes to raise $15,000 to help this young family feel safe in their own home once again.

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