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OCLTRG's "We Take Care Of Our Own"
Adopt-A-Family Program

“We Take Care of Our Own” written and published by Bruce Springsteen (Global Music Rights). Use of this song title in the program does not constitute or imply any endorsement by Bruce Springsteen.

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OCLTRG’s ”We Take Care of Our Own” Adopt-A-Family Program

For three and a half years, hundreds of non-profit organizations have partnered to assist their neighbors to recover from Superstorm Sandy. The OCLTRG is now the last long term recovery group in operation on the Jersey Shore. Our “Adopt-a-Family” program allows us to expand our services throughout New Jersey and personalize those services to meet the plight of individuals and families who continue to fight to get back home. Like the Katrina recovery, it will take years to rebuild the Jersey shore, and many of those displaced will not be returned to where they were prior to Sandy. We have drawn inspiration from Bruce Springsteen’s music and we continue to rise up to his challenge in “We Take Care of Our Own,” but we need your help. It’s been a long road so far, and we still have a lot to do. However, we are steadfast in our resolve to get as many people, as possible, back in their homes. No retreat… No surrender!

Children and Families

Meghan is a single mother struggling to support her family while simultaneously rebuilding her home and complying with all RREM requirements. Her ex-husband took all the FEMA and flood insurance money for himself, without making any repairs to the home. Currently, Meghan is working with a non-profit builder and is intent on increasing her employment hours to cover the cost of the rebuild. She spends her days attending to her family’s emotional needs, applying for financial assistance and working as much as possible. In spite of all of her efforts, Meghan still needs $3,000 that will go toward rental assistance and gas gift cards. The cards will reduce travel expenses incurred from being displaced for the last several years.

30% of our clients have children! Donate today (2017 CrowdRise Campaign) so we can continue to help people like Meghan and click here to read more stories about Children and Families in our Adopt-A-Family program!

Senior Citizens

Our 83-year-old client was just about to complete her rebuild when inspectors discovered rotted beams under the home. Despite already completing the entire elevation contract, this dangerous issue had to be immediately rectified. The process cost her an additional $23,000 in repairs, which was well over her RREM budget. She is now $13,814.12 away from returning home.

68% of households we assist have at least one senior citizen. Donate today (2017 CrowdRise Campaign) so we can continue to help people like this and click here to read more stories about Senior Citizens in our Adopt-A-Family Program!

Contractor Fraud

Could you imagine spending two and a half years, all your insurance money and every ounce of your strength repairing your home only to be told it was structurally unsound and had to be demolished? Unfortunately, Sean and Patti are currently living that reality. Their property was substantially damaged when four feet of storm water rushed into their home during Superstorm Sandy. On top of that, Sean’s place of employment, a small local business, was also destroyed in the storm. This left the family without their main source of income and forced them to live solely off their savings. Luckily, Patti and Sean qualified for the LMI RREM grant allotted them $150,000 but the cost of the rebuild vastly exceeded that amount. After borrowing funds from family and friends, Sean and Patti are $40,000 away from being able to build a safe home for their family.


People with disabilities

Despite being over 70, our client “Sandra” is doing everything humanly possible to return home…including spackling, painting and completing other minor repairs herself. Her home, which flooded during Sandy and Jonas, is nearing the end of the elevation process but her husband Bob’s health has deteriorated rapidly. Due to a disability, he won’t able to climb the new stairs to get into his elevated home and so he needs a vertical platform lift to enter his own home. Without the $21,000 needed to add the lift, Sandra and Bob will not be able to return home together.

32% of households we assist have an individual with a disability. Donate today (2017 CrowdRise Campaign) so we can continue to help families like Sandra’s and click here to read more about people with disabilities in our Adopt-A-Family Program.

Contractor Fraud

Our client, “Amanda” has had not one but two fraudulent contractors in the last four years. Their deceit cheated her out of nearly $60,000 and the delay in her recovery has cost her $107,660.00 in rent. Currently, she’s working with a non-profit builder who will help her obtain a C/O so she can return home and save the rental expense. In order to complete her recovery, Amanda needs $5,800 to afford rent and furniture.

Donate today (2017 CrowdRise Campaign) so we can continue helping people like Amanda and click here to read more stories about contractor fraud in our Adopt-A-Family Program


Frank and Carla were required to elevate their property but, due to disabilities, both are finding it extremely difficult to access their home. Frank sustained injuries during his career as an Atlantic City Police Officer and Army Veteran while his wife, Carla, is beginning to lose her sight. They just had their final inspection and are no longer part of the RREM program but still require a wheelchair lift. This lift, which costs $22,000, is necessary for Frank and Carla to remain functionally independent.

23% of households we assist have at least one veteran.  Click here to read more stories about veterans in our Adopt-A-Family program.

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