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OCLTRG's "We Take Care Of Our Own"
Adopt-A-Family Program

“We Take Care of Our Own” written and published by Bruce Springsteen (Global Music Rights). Use of this song title in the program does not constitute or imply any endorsement by Bruce Springsteen.

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OCLTRG’s ”We Take Care of Our Own” Adopt-A-Family Program

For three and a half years, hundreds of non-profit organizations have partnered to assist their neighbors to recover from Superstorm Sandy. The OCLTRG is now the last long term recovery group in operation on the Jersey Shore. Our “Adopt-a-Family” program allows us to expand our services throughout New Jersey and personalize those services to meet the plight of individuals and families who continue to fight to get back home. Like the Katrina recovery, it will take years to rebuild the Jersey shore, and many of those displaced will not be returned to where they were prior to Sandy. We have drawn inspiration from Bruce Springsteen’s music and we continue to rise up to his challenge in “We Take Care of Our Own,” but we need your help. It’s been a long road so far, and we still have a lot to do. However, we are steadfast in our resolve to get as many people, as possible, back in their homes. No retreat… No surrender!

Children and Families; Joe

Joe and his 12-year-old daughter moved into their Little Egg Harbor home just one month before Superstorm Sandy destroyed it. They thought rock bottom was being told that they couldn’t even go back inside their ruined home to retrieve any belongings because the structure was unsafe.

But the real horror came when they were turned away from grant after grant because they had difficulty proving they had been living in the home due to their recent move before the storm. After years of battling through the state grant process, Joe has finally been awarded most of the funds necessary to rebuild his home. He still has a gap of $12,000, however, because many other resources that were available to Sandy survivors have dried up while he was stuck proving his eligibility. With this assistance Joe and his daughter will be able to build a future.

30% of our clients have children! Donate today so we can continue to help people like Joe and click here to read more stories about Children and Families in our Adopt-A-Family program!

Senior Citizens; Narinder

Narinder is a 62 year old woman who lives on her own in Atlantic City. She’s always been grateful for the job opportunities that enabled her to own her own home and provide for her now fully-grown, independent children. She never imagined having to ask for financial assistance… even after Superstorm Sandy. She thought, with the help of volunteers and insurance money, she’d be able to make all of the necessary repairs. And she would have been right except cracks in her foundation were discovered. The damage was so extensive that the home needed to be torn down and rebuilt. Narinder continues to be grateful for the non-profit construction services she has received, but is still in need of $8,000 to finish her home. She has never waivered from her upbeat, positive attitude and is eagerly planning a party to thank everyone who has helped her in her recovery.

68% of households we assist have at least one senior citizen. Donate today so we can continue to help people like Narinder and click here to read more stories about Senior Citizens in our Adopt-A-Family Program!

Contractor Fraud; Lorraine

“Lorraine”, her husband and their five children have been forced to move nine times since being displaced by Superstorm Sandy. To make matters worse, a fraudulent contractor stole $60,000 dollars of their RREM grant. He has since been charged and imprisoned but it took them a full year to be reimbursed through NJ RREM fraud policy. OCLTRG has assisted this family with rent and monthly expenses to help ease their massive financial strain.

Currently, we are seeking funding for two objectives: 1) to complete extensive mold remediation, a direct result of the house sitting unfinished for the past year, and 2) financial assistance to enable their young children to participate in summer and extracurricular activities. We estimate that another $11,200 will make this family whole again.

Donate today so we can continue to help families like Lorraine’s and click here to read more stories about Contractor Fraud in our Adopt-A-Family program


People with disabilities; Sally

Sally has almost finished her project. She is so close. With the help of her disaster case manager, the state RREM grant, and some charitable donations, she has finished repairing and elevating her flood damaged home. The only obstacle left is to get into the house, which is now eleven feet in the air and accessible only by stairs that Sally can’t climb due to a disability. She’ll need an electric lift to get back into her repaired home. With the funds her DCM has been able to gather for her, Sally is only $3,000 away from getting the lift to go home.

32% of households we assist have an individual with a disability. Donate today so we can continue to help families like Sally’s and click here to read more about people with disabilities in our Adopt-A-Family Program.

Contractor Fraud; Peggy

Peggy, a single mother of three school-aged children, hired a contractor to repair their family home in Keansburg, NJ. Unfortunately, that contractor only completed a portion of the work he was paid for before vanishing. One of our non-profit partners, the St. Bernard’s Project, would like to finish the work but can’t get started due to the original contractor’s poor workmanship. Now there are several concerns about the structure’s safety and Peggy needs approximately $5,000 to pay for a structural engineer’s report. This report will determine the scope of work needed for SBP.  The construction project will cost no less than $10,000 and could exceed that based on the engineer’s findings. The OCLTRG hopes to raise $15,000 to help this young family feel safe in their own home once again.

Donate today so we can continue helping people like Peggy and click here to read more stories about contractor fraud in our Adopt-A-Family Program

Veterans; Anne

Our client, Anne, is an 83-year-old disabled female veteran of the Airforce. She taught for six years during the Korean conflict and suffered severe hearing loss while overseas. In the last few decades, Anne lost her husband, battled cancer and, most recently, suffered serious damage from Sandy. She was forced to rebuild the inside of the home and elevate it by eight feet. This made it nearly impossible to access the front door and left Anne in a difficult situation. She needed a shaft to accommodate a vertical lift but could not afford it.

Her son, a school teacher, has done everything humanly possible to get his mother back home. He’s sold several of his belongings, some gifted to him 20 years ago by his belated father, just to pay for his mothers outstanding bills. Despite these selfless efforts, they still need help with two things: affording a shaft to accommodate the vertical lift and paying an overdue debt to a plumber who worked on her ruined home. OCLTRG Adopt-A-Family Program was able to find donors to contribute toward these last few items so that Anne could return to the home her father built 50 years ago.

23% of households we assist have at least one veteran.  Click here to read more stories about veterans in our Adopt-A-Family program.

Please donate so we can continue helping families like
Joe's, Narinder's, and Sally's.

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Welcome to the Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group (OCLTRG)

The mission of the OCLTRG is to support households impacted by disaster to recover and rebuild. The OCLTRG provides case management, education, resources, and financial assistance to households struggling with recovery and rebuilding needs through its statewide network of nonprofits, faith-based community partners, businesses, government agencies, and the “Unmet Needs Table”. This mission is carried out by a dedicated team of volunteers and staff that has, to date, raised more than $7.1 million from the philanthropic community to support the work of the OCLTRG and assist the State’s rebuilding efforts.