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OCLTRG's "We Take Care Of Our Own"
Adopt-A-Family Program

“We Take Care of Our Own” written and published by Bruce Springsteen (Global Music Rights). Use of this song title in the program does not constitute or imply any endorsement by Bruce Springsteen.

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OCLTRG’s ”We Take Care of Our Own” Adopt-A-Family Program

For three and a half years, hundreds of non-profit organizations have partnered to assist their neighbors to recover from Superstorm Sandy. The OCLTRG is now the last long term recovery group in operation on the Jersey Shore. Our “Adopt-a-Family” program allows us to expand our services throughout New Jersey and personalize those services to meet the plight of individuals and families who continue to fight to get back home. Like the Katrina recovery, it will take years to rebuild the Jersey shore, and many of those displaced will not be returned to where they were prior to Sandy. We have drawn inspiration from Bruce Springsteen’s music and we continue to rise up to his challenge in “We Take Care of Our Own,” but we need your help. It’s been a long road so far, and we still have a lot to do. However, we are steadfast in our resolve to get as many people, as possible, back in their homes. No retreat… No surrender!


John, a 90-year-old WWII veteran, had been living in a house seriously damaged by Sandy for a year and a half before receiving assistance. It wasn’t until some friends realized the poor quality of his living condition that he finally got help from OCLTRG. We were able to provide him with a safe, sanitary and secure living situation and shortly before the third anniversary of Sandy; we were able to welcome him back home.

Since conception, OCLTRG has provided funding to 748 households with senior citizens!


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The Lorenzo Family

Superstorm Sandy left the Lorenzo’s family home virtually unrecognizable from the one in which they lovingly raised their three children. They spent all of their insurance money on elevation and were left with nothing more than the gutted, empty shell of their former residence. The Lorenzo’s were at their wit’s end when they came to OCLTRG and met with our disaster case managers. Through OCLTRG’s partnership with a Future With Hope, we were able to restore their family home!

Unfortunately, not every family affected by Sandy has been able to return home and this has caused severe strain on children. In fact, according to The Sandy Child and Family Health Study, 42% of children in minimally damaged homes are frequently depressed, anxious or have difficulty sleeping. This is largely due to extended construction projects.

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The widow of a veteran and her wheel chair bound adult son came to OCLTRG when they realized the structural integrity of their home and bulkhead were compromised during Superstorm Sandy. They feared the water the bulkhead kept at bay would cause even more damage if it were not immediately repaired.

OCLTRG was able to raise 40,000 dollars, through the Adopt-A-Family program, to keep the home safe from further damage. This enabled them to begin the rebuilding process but also raised a new challenge: they could not reside in the house during construction. Thankfully, the OCLTRG was able to procure funds for two “long-stay hotel rooms” that were best suited for the specific needs of mother and son. Since conception, OCLTRG has provided funding to 488 households with disabled persons.

Donate today so we can continue to help families like Rick’s!

Please donate so we can continue helping families like
Anne's, The Lorenzo's, and Rick's.

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Welcome to the Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group (OCLTRG)

The mission of the OCLTRG is to support households impacted by disaster to recover and rebuild. The OCLTRG provides case management, education, resources, and financial assistance to households struggling with recovery and rebuilding needs through its statewide network of nonprofits, faith-based community partners, businesses, government agencies, and the “Unmet Needs Table”. This mission is carried out by a dedicated team of volunteers and staff that has, to date, raised more than $7.1 million from the philanthropic community to support the work of the OCLTRG and assist the State’s rebuilding efforts.