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03 May 2017


Simply put, Robert is the kind of man who takes care of others. As a young man, he joined the United States Marine Corps in order to serve his country.  Now at retirement age, he and his wife Marie are at the heart of the family living in this multigenerational household.  Two adult children and a grandchild live in the home.  And caring for his ailing father and aunt often seems like a full-time job.  Trying to rebuild their home has, at times, felt impossible, BUT Robert has not given up.  So many are relying on him to pull the family through this disaster.  If sheer will and love for his family could rebuild his house, Robert would have been done as soon as he started.  But after gathering every possible resource, Robert still finds his family $25,000 short to complete the needed work.

Please consider helping Robert, who only ever thinks of ways to help others. Click here to donate today.

15 Feb 2017

Sean and Patti

Could you imagine spending two and a half years, all your insurance money and every ounce of your strength repairing your home only to be told it was structurally unsound and had to be demolished? Unfortunately, Sean and Patti are currently living that reality. Their property was substantially damaged when four feet of storm water rushed into their home during Superstorm Sandy. On top of that, Sean’s place of employment, a small local business, was also destroyed in the storm. This left the family without their main source of income and forced them to live solely off their savings. Luckily, Patti and Sean qualified for the LMI RREM grant allotted them $150,000 but the cost of the rebuild vastly exceeded that amount. After borrowing funds from family and friends, Sean and Patti are $40,000 away from being able to build a safe home for their family.

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15 Feb 2017


Despite being over 70, our client “Sandra” is doing everything humanly possible to return home…including spackling, painting and completing other minor repairs herself. Her home, which flooded during Sandy and Jonas, is nearing the end of the elevation process, but her husband Bob’s health has deteriorated rapidly. Due to a disability, he won’t able to climb the new stairs to get into his elevated home; he needs a vertical platform lift to enter his own home. Without the $21,000 needed to add the lift, Sandra and Bob will not be able to return home together.

32% of households we assist have an individual with a disability. Donate today so we can continue to help families like Sandra’s.

15 Feb 2017


Our client, “Amanda” has had not one but two fraudulent contractors in the last four years. Their deceit cheated her out of nearly $60,000 and the delay in her recovery has cost her $107,660.00 in rent. Currently, she’s working with a non-profit builder who will help her obtain a C/O so she can return home and save the rental expense. In order to complete her recovery, Amanda needs $5,800 to afford rent and furniture.

Please donate today so we can continue helping people like Amanda.

15 Feb 2017

Frank and Carla

Frank and Carla were required to elevate their property, but, due to disabilities, both are finding it extremely difficult to access their home. Frank sustained injuries during his career as an Atlantic City Police Officer and Army Veteran while his wife, Carla, is beginning to lose her sight. They just had their final inspection and are no longer part of the RREM program. But they still require a wheelchair lift. This lift, which costs $22,000, is necessary for Frank and Carla to remain functionally independent.

23% of households we assist have at least one veteran. Please donate today so we can continue helping people like Frank and Carla.

15 Feb 2017


Meghan is a single mother struggling to support her family while simultaneously rebuilding her home and complying with all RREM requirements. Her ex-husband took all the FEMA and flood insurance money for himself, without making any repairs to the home. Currently, Meghan is working with a non-profit builder and is intent on increasing her employment hours to cover the cost of the rebuild. She spends her days attending to her family’s emotional needs, applying for financial assistance and working as much as possible. In spite of all of her efforts, Meghan still needs $3,000 that will go toward rental assistance and gas gift cards. The cards will reduce travel expenses incurred from being displaced for the last several years.

30% of our clients have children!  Donate today so we can continue to help people like Meghan and her children.

09 Aug 2016


New-Jersey-House-RaisingSally has almost finished her project. She is so close. With the help of her disaster case manager, the state RREM grant, and some charitable donations, she has finished repairing and elevating her flood damaged home. The only obstacle left is to get into the house, which is now eleven feet in the air and accessible only by stairs that Sally can’t climb due to a disability. She’ll need an electric lift to get back into her repaired home. With the funds her DCM has been able to gather for her, Sally is only $3,000 away from getting the lift to go home.

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09 Aug 2016


article-2438711-1865A43A00000578-782_634x426Narinder is a 62 year old woman who lives on her own in Atlantic City. She’s always been grateful for the job opportunities that enabled her to own her own home and provide for her now fully-grown, independent children. She never imagined having to ask for financial assistance… even after Superstorm Sandy. She thought, with the help of volunteers and insurance money, she’d be able to make all of the necessary repairs. And she would have been right except cracks in her foundation were discovered. The damage was so extensive that the home needed to be torn down and rebuilt. Narinder continues to be grateful for the non-profit construction services she has received, but is still in need of $8,000 to finish her home. She has never waivered from her upbeat, positive attitude and is eagerly planning a party to thank everyone who has helped her in her recovery.

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09 Aug 2016


Hands: dad and daughter

Joe and his 12-year-old daughter moved into their Little Egg Harbor home just one month before Superstorm Sandy destroyed it. They thought rock bottom was being told that they couldn’t even go back inside their ruined home to retrieve any belongings because the structure was unsafe.

But the real horror came when they were turned away from grant after grant because they had difficulty proving they had been living in the home due to their recent move before the storm. After years of battling through the state grant process, Joe has finally been awarded most of the funds necessary to rebuild his home. He still has a gap of $12,000, however, because many other resources that were available to Sandy survivors have dried up while he was stuck proving his eligibility. With this assistance Joe and his daughter will be able to build a future.

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23 Jul 2016


George, a disabled senior citizen from Lavallette, lost all of his belongings when Superstorm Sandy substantially damaged his home in 2012. Unfortunately, initial attempts to rebuild were stalled when a contractor fraudulently took $36,000 from George and never did any work. This contractor was eventually convicted but passed away before restitution could be made. Luckily, George was able to obtain a new contractor and some additional funding through the efforts of the non-profit community. He will finally be able to move back home, towards the end of June. Now George needs $3,000 for home furnishings to be completely recovered from Superstorm Sandy.

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