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Duties & Requirements


  1. Regularly schedule and attend meetings to assure governance of the OCLTRG. Members may choose to send an alternate, or delegate, to meetings in their stead. Executive Committee members who must miss more than 50% of scheduled meetings should consider resigning and allowing the group to appoint an alternate member from the group at large, as openings exist.
  2. To support the role of governance by representing the Executive Committee as liaison to committees or subcommittees, through ongoing or ad hoc basis.
  3. Ensure that the governing body, committees and group at large has a diverse membership to be reflective of the community it supports.
  4. Ensure that policies and procedures are in place for operations at all levels. These policies and procedures are fluid, may be amended in accordance with available resources, type and scope of disaster, or other reasons. Amendments must be proposed to the Executive Committee and voted upon before acceptance.
  5. Provide a fair decision making process for each resident requesting assistance.
  6. Ensure the most cost effective means of providing service or assistance:
    • Encourage the use of all available in-kind and volunteer resources.
    • Establish governing principles that all residents requesting aid have made every attempt to collect all available and appropriate governmental and private assistance and insurance reimbursement.
    • Recommend that all privately provided services are within fair market price for the service; assist the person requesting assistance in negotiating a fair market price or obtaining a vendor who will provide the service at a fair market price.
    • Protect against any duplication of service or assistance through partnership with other case management entities and the use of common software case management systems.
  7. Provide clear reasons for decisions to provide or deny service or assistance.
  8. Provide the person requesting assistance with the means to request reconsideration/appeal of a denial of service or assistance.
  9. Ensure that systems are in place to monitor services provided by the OCLTRG through use of case management software, from client intake through final closure of cases.


Agree that all funds, grants and resources obtained on behalf of the OCLTRG for the purpose of providing financial assistance to individuals and families for disaster recovery will be disbursed through the OCLTRG process, except:

In emergency situations that must be resolved before the OCLTRG can act; or within any defined limits which may be added to these protocols by amendment:

  1. Agree to consider the OCLTRG criteria and the OCLTRG process in the distribution of other funds and grants to which you may be eligible, and which may be used to offset costs and expenses of this OCLTRG.
  2. Sign the agreement regarding confidentiality
  3. Abide by the requirements of the OCLTRG contained in this document
  4. Attend OCLTRG meetings regularly, and to reliably participate in committee work
  5. Participate in training sessions, recommend training opportunities, and work toward consensus at all times