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Disaster Case Management

The role of Disaster Case Management is to connect residents affected by a disaster to the resources available to them from both the government and non-profit sectors for items, that include but are not limited to food, housing, household goods, financial assistance, and volunteer labor, to help rehabilitate or reconstruct their homes. The Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group maintains a network of Disaster Case Managers that serve as advocates for the residents of Ocean County that were affected by Superstorm Sandy.

These Disaster Case Managers are employed both internally by OCLTRG and externally by partner agencies who are either referred cases directly from OCLTRG or who process cases directly. Disaster Case Managers from all partner agencies can advocate for assistance for their clients at the Unmet Needs Table facilitated by OCLTRG once all other available recovery resources have been exhausted.

The names of partnering agencies and a link to their websites are listed below.