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The Lifeblood of Recovery

Our volunteers truly are the backbone of our recovery effort. Groups from across the country have come to Ocean County in Superstorm Sandy’s wake to help our community rebuild.

Thanks to our new partnership with A Future with Hope, OCLTRG is able to put more volunteers to work in the front lines. Building, painting, installing drywall, cleaning up, and canvassing are just a few of the jobs are volunteers have accomplished over the past few months.

But with thousands of residents still out of their homes, there is work still to be done.

Want to Volunteer?

If you or your group is looking to play a first-hand role in Ocean County Disaster Recovery, become a volunteer.   We welcome you to lend a hand and donate your time, skills and talents.  To find out more on how to volunteer, please email

For more information in general, contact us at or call 732-569-3484.

Join us in rebuilding homes, communities and lives.

To catch a glimpse of one of our volunteer groups, check out the video below: