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09 Aug 2016


article-2438711-1865A43A00000578-782_634x426Narinder is a 62 year old woman who lives on her own in Atlantic City. She’s always been grateful for the job opportunities that enabled her to own her own home and provide for her now fully-grown, independent children. She never imagined having to ask for financial assistance… even after Superstorm Sandy. She thought, with the help of volunteers and insurance money, she’d be able to make all of the necessary repairs. And she would have been right except cracks in her foundation were discovered. The damage was so extensive that the home needed to be torn down and rebuilt. Narinder continues to be grateful for the non-profit construction services she has received, but is still in need of $8,000 to finish her home. She has never waivered from her upbeat, positive attitude and is eagerly planning a party to thank everyone who has helped her in her recovery.

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