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Sandy is not over!

30 May 2016

Sandy is not over!

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13102874_655078321308360_7798207268510438153_n “Oh, Sandy is STILL a thing?” “Isn’t recovery over…it’s been more than three years…” Everyone involved in the Sandy recovery process has heard these phrases casually uttered by our community members, friends or even family. Unfortunately, the majority of our country believes that Superstorm Sandy is nothing more than a distant memory. In fact, awareness about the struggles of survivors faded with the news cycle and made it challenging to help the thousands affected by the storm.

It is our goal to reignite widespread interest in Sandy recovery and highlight the continuing needs of our community. We encourage you to speak to the people in your life and remind them that Sandy is very much a current problem. Education is the key to lasting change and we believe all our followers have the power to enact that change!

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