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Success Stories: The Lorenzo’s

16 Jun 2016

Success Stories: The Lorenzo’s

family-3In a single night, the Lorenzo’s watched as their family home was utterly destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. After spending all of their insurance money on elevation, they were left with nothing more than the gutted, empty shell of their former home. It bore no resemblance to the place that lovingly housed their three children only weeks prior. The Lorenzo’s were at their wit’s end when they came to OCLTRG and met with our disaster case managers. Through OCLTRG’s partnership with a Future With Hope we were able to restore their family home!

Unfortunately, not every family affected by Sandy has been able to return home and this has caused severe strain on children. In fact, according to The Sandy Child and Family Health Study, 42% of children in minimally damaged homes are frequently depressed, anxious or have difficulty sleeping. This is largely due to extended construction projects.

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