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Success Stories: The Pirl Family

16 May 2016

Success Stories: The Pirl Family

13178791_657731907709668_1018482729911082205_n Caitlin was walking home when a drunk driver struck her nearly ten years ago. This accident left her paralyzed from the waist down and unable to navigate her ranch style home. In order to make the house more accessible, her father, Chris, spent $40,000 on renovations…only to watch Sandy destroy it all months later. For years they struggled to work their way through a mess of paperwork, which was compounded by a low flood insurance payout.

Eventually, they became clients of OCLTRG and our Disaster Case Managers helped them through the NFIP review that resulted in thousands of recovered dollars! But most importantly, we provided extensive emotional support for the family and truly cared about their progress. Now, Caitlin is nearly ready to move back into her new, entirely handicap-accessible home! “Its everything I could have ever wanted for her,” says her father. To date, OCLTRG has impacted 488 households with disabled persons.

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